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Our company Mitsan, which was established in 1976, started the production of polyurethane flexible foam in an area of 25.000 m² in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1998 with the Mitsan foam brand after various construction-contracting activities.

Mitsan Foam, between 14DS and 80DS, with different hardness values; It produces many different types of foam such as standard, Visco, HR, Hyper Soft, Foam and FR (fireproof) and serves domestic and foreign customers. Mitsan Foam has the capacity to meet all kinds of needs with millimeter cutting precision thanks to its computer-aided technological cutting machines. It has been exporting plate, roll and block cutting foam to overseas markets with its vacuum package machine investments in recent years. Its quality is appreciated in alternative export markets.

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Our mission is to make the service of the semi-finished product, which we produce by adopting the principle of customer satisfaction, at an optimum level, on time, and to offer the product in a quality and convenient manner. To ensure that our customers become more advantageous than their competitors by working with us in the markets where they compete.


It is the fact that our company, which works at world standards, is in the first ranks among the national companies by integrating the professional principles to which it is attached.

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Turkey and the world to produce products conforming to the standards. Providing the best quality and suitable raw material in fast transportation times deliver to customers just in time. In this way, minimizing both firm and customer inventory costs. Customer orders to give the fastest response within the sector. Our company and our customers in cooperation with consumers to produce new and better quality products be in search of. Fear eliminates anxiety barriers, directs employees to creativity and training, in high communication and team spirit to create employees who are proud of their employees and the company they work for.

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