Production Line

Your can see our production process in detail from the gallery.


Thanks to Mitsan sponge plate cutting machines, minimum tolerance to desired dimensions It has. With our high cutting capacities, we are able to respond to the demands of our customers instantly Our company has the latest technology and horizontal and vertical cutting machines with precision According to the desired thickness can make plate cutting sponge. Plate Cut Sponges Manufacture of Furniture is used in almost all products of the sector.


Thanks to our Mitsan Sponge high capacity continuous roll cutting machines It responds to your cuts with minimum tolerance according to the dimensions. Circular at desired quantities cut into rolls and packed. Usually sub-fabric quilted padding in bedding and home textile industries The material used as roll cutting sponge is used in the product more soft, fuller and user to person quality and comfortable.


Increasing competition and new foreign markets functional and modern models. New generation furniture requires flawless workmanship contour cuts are needed. Our state-of-the-art machinery, density and hardness sponges can be cut as CNC contour. In this way, our customers do not have high labor cost and quality problems. During the R & D studies, our experienced staff is involved in the design of sofa, armchair and seating groups. to help our customers stand out in competitive conditions.