- High Resilience Foam / HR Foam
- Viscoelastic Sponge

What is High Resilience Foam?

It is a kind of polyurethane foam produced from a mixture of polymeric or graft sponges. High flexibility foam is less homogeneous than traditional products is a sponge with a cell structure. Variable cell structure of the sponge more supported, makes it comfortable and more flexible. High flexibility sponge higher support coefficient and surface flexibility than standard sponges.

What is Viscoelastic Sponge?

Viscoelastic sponge was first introduced by NASA in the 1970s on long journeys, take-offs and landings. It was produced for astronauts who were exposed to high G force during. The pressure distribution performance of the viscoelastic foam is one of the most important innovations in the polyurethane industry. Viscoelastic sponge used in the mattress and pillow industry, the shape of the body depending on body pressure and body temperature. This feature allows the user to sleep more comfortably and quality sleep.

Why Viscoelastik Sponge?

Because viscoelastic sponge, body weight is high in places such as hip, back and elbows; It facilitates blood circulation by giving different reactions to pressure points which are less like arm, leg, foot. Viscoelastic sponge The pillows and mattresses produced by the machine reduce sleep movements and cause a continuous sleep.